Beginner & Intermediate workshops with Ulrik Ask Fossum

We’re so excited to host handbalancer Ulrik Ask Fossum at MOVE Hackney in November! He’ll be coaching 2 separate workshops over the weekend for beginner and intermediate level hand balancers.

Beginner Workshop

Pre requisite: Interested in learning handstands

In the beginners workshop you will learn the fundamentals of how to efficiently and safely practice to learn a freestanding handstand. We will cover relevant mobility, technique, alignment, balance, endurance strength and how to put it all together to an efficient training session you can later practice on your own. Bring a pencil, notebook and a smile to get the most out of this workshop.

Intermediate Workshop

Pre requisite: 30 seconds freestanding handstand is recommended

In the intermediate workshop you already know how to balance on two arms in a straight position, so we are going to take a look at the next steps. We will focus on different shapes, tools for learning press and introduce one arm preparatory work. There will also be time for individual practice and feedback, and talk about programming for your own practice. Bring a fresh pair of shoulders, pencil, notebook and of course a beer for the teacher. 

Date & Time:
2nd & 3rd November
Beginners : 12.30pm
Intermediate : 3.00pm

Beginners : £90
Intermediate : £110
Both Workshops : £180

Early Bird Discount
Beginners : £80
Intermediate : £100
Both Workshops : £160

Use code EARLYBIRD10 at checkout. Available until 18th October.


If you have any questions about the workshop, send us a message using the contact us form below and one of our team will get back to you.

If you would like to attend both workshops, please email us on info@movehackney.com