Meet the team

It all began when co-founders Ruth & Erdi invited a bunch of friends to meet in London Fields on a sunny Sunday afternoon to train, play and share their movement practises together. They realised they were on to something and decided they would create a vibrant hub for the movement community in London, a place to experience, learn and grow. From there, MOVE Hackney was born.


Erdi Babili

Co-Founder // Head Coach

Erdi started off as a personal trainer with love for movement and bodyweight training and a huge hunger to learn more. He’s been coaching adults in London for over 5 years, specialising in bodyweight strength, hand balance and mobility – helping people experience more physical freedom throughout their day to day lives. He has invested a lot of time into workshops, seminars, coaching and courses with teachers around the world and some of his biggest influencers have been Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin, and Emmet Louis. 

Erdi is a big advocate of teaching and approaching people as individuals to have a deeper understanding of their bodies and physical capabilities. 

Ruth Woodside

Co-Founder // General Manager

Ruth has a diverse background in competitive athletics, martial arts, long distance running and dance. She began her Gymnastic Strength and Movement training journey in 2016 which has since ignited a passion for handbalancing and aerial silks. After leaving a 17 year long career in the film industry in 2018, she is now a fully qualified Personal Trainer and co-founder of MOVE Hackney. She trained with the National Circus School in London, handbalancer Ulrik Ask Fossum, and has attended workshops with the likes of Michael Kristiansen, Kirsty Grosart & Yuval Ayalon to further her own practise and increase her knowledge to teach others.

Ruth’s coaching focuses on the individual, their functional strength, mobility, interests & goals, inspiring people to find their own passion and hopefully having lots of fun along the way.  

Helena “Pesca” Kornel

Coach - Gymnastic Strength Training

Pesca first walked into a gym at the age of 28 with no strength, no mobility and no idea what to do. She was very lucky to find a great teacher with whom she now shares online coaching company The Sustainable Training Method. Pesca is passionate about strength training and handbalancing above all, when she’s not practicing she loves educating herself on the science of training so that she can better help her students. She has studied online with Opex (CCP level 1, Mixed Modal), Poliquin (Level 1-2), Joel Jamieson (Conditioning blueprint) and she attends strength, mobility and handbalancing workshops as regularly as she can.

Pesca coaches Gymnastic Strength Training on Thursdays at 7.30am and 7.30pm. Suitable for all levels.

Guillermo Justel

Coach - Handbalancing

Together with yoga, Guillermo has had a committed practice to hand-balancing since 2010. He has studied and practised with a variety of circus artists, movement and dance teachers from all over the world such as Yuval Ayalon (whom he assists at his yearly UK visits), Valérie Doucet, Nicolás Montes de Oca, Mikael Kristiansen, Tom Weksler. He has also paid numerous visits to handbalancing master Claude Victoria in France. He continues to attend movement classes of all sorts throughout London and has performed as a dancer and hand-balancer in local and national UK events and festivals. He spends his non-handstand time with We Guild, social housing, co-operatives and systems theory among other things.

Guillermo coaches Handbalancing on Monday nights at 7.30pm. Suitable for all levels.

Lewis Wilkins

Coach - Movement // Resident Sports & Soft Tissue Therapist

Lewis journey into movement began with his study of capoeira and breaking as a teenager, then trained at London Contemporary Dance School. For the past 10 years he has been working as a professional performer and teacher, teaching contemporary technique, contact improvisation, and floor work for several leading higher education dance institutions and professional dance companies all over the world. His movement practise and teaching is influenced by methods and systems including; Fighting Monkey, Capoeira Floreio, Acrobatics, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Aikido and Brazilian jiuJitsu. He enjoys using his advanced anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body to support and feed his movement teaching and training. Lewis is also a keen climber. 

Lewis coaches Movement on Tuesdays at 6.30pm.

Lewis Wilkins Therapies is resident in our treatment room offering sports and remedial massage therapy.

Matt Feczko

Coach - Power Yoga // Calisthenics

Matt has been a PT and Yoga instructor for 10 years with training in proper weight and cardiovascular training, high intensity training, kettlebells, TRX, as well as Baron Baptiste and Vinyasa yoga. His own Lunges in Leggings classes (leggings optional) are a huge hit in the LBGT community as well as here at MOVE Hackney. His boundless energy is infectious and with his signature bright leggings, he puts the ‘camp’ in Bootcamp!

Matt coaches Power Yoga on Wednesdays at 6.30am and runs his Lunges in Leggings Calisthenics here on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm


Eloise LeSanto

Coach - Restorative Yoga // Flow Yoga

Eloise is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and health coach committed to helping her clients develop strength, confidence, and optimal health using exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. 

Eloise feels passionate about sharing yoga with others and truly believes yoga is for every body which is why she strives to make her classes accessible and welcoming to all. She feels strongly about the healing power of yoga because she has personally experienced the transformative effect that a regular yoga practice can have on one's life.

Eloise coaches Restorative Yoga on Fridays at 6.30pm and Flow Yoga on Sundays at 11.30am.