Introduction to Gymnastic Strength Training (GST)

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Gymnastic Strength Training is just like playing a computer game. You start off at level one and collect your strength and mobility points to unlock new skills. Your new skills lead you onto the next level where you can collect MORE points to unlock further skills.

By focusing on skill based bodyweight progressions we don’t just increase the benefits to our physique and body awareness, but also our mindset and approach to a sustainable and fun way of training.

Join us for our 6 week entry level course to set you off on your GST journey.

You'll start by learning the terminology, base strength & mobility drills, how to recognise your own body's strength and weaknesses and how to address them. Over the following weeks you'll be given the tools & understanding to progress each of these drills to increase your relative strength, endurance, mobility and body awareness (proprioception), and learn how to apply these new gains to unlock new skills!

Suitable for beginners & newcomers to Gymnastic Strength Training.

Date & Time : 18th September - 23rd October 2019, Wednesdays at 8:00pm

Cost: £60 per person


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